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Today, Facebook announced an Upgrade for Pages.  For now, the upgrade is optional for fan pages, but it will be a requirement by March 2011.  You can go to this page to http://www.facebook.com/pages/status/ to Upgrade and/or take a Upgrade Tour all the fan pages you are admin.Here is a REPORT of all the changes:

  • Photos at the top: The most recent photos that you post to the Wall of a Page you admin, or photos you tag your Page in, will appear here. This area will not include any photos posted by people who like your Page.
  • Use Facebook as your Page: You will be able to receive notifications for your Page, view a News Feed for your Page, and like and post on other Pages as your Page (see ‘Use FB as Page’ below).
  • Wall filters: Pages now have two publicly visible Wall filters-"Posts by Page" and "Everyone." Page admins will be able to view additional filters-"Most Recent" and "Hidden Posts.
  • Email notifications: You can opt to receive notifications when people post or comment on your Page.
  • Featured Pages and admins: You can feature other Pages your Page likes, or admins of your Page, in the new "Likes" and "Page Owners" sections on the left side of your Page (see "Featured Pages & Admins" below).
  • Mutual connections: When people visit your Page, they will be able to view friends who also like your Page, as well as other Pages that both they and your Page like.
  • Navigation: The content that you formerly accessed by clicking the tabs at the top of your Page can now be found in the column underneath your Page profile picture. The text in the box that used to appear in the box underneath your Page profile picture will now appear in the Info tab.
  • Profile picture size: The profile picture size for Pages has been adjusted from 200×600 to 180×540
  • Better Communication

Use FB as Page.

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This new feature allows you to get notifications about activity on your page, see stories from pages you like in your newsfeed, and interact with other pages as your page

  • Receive notifications when people interact with your page or posts
  • Use the search bar to find other pages to like and comment on them as your page.
  • You can go back to use Facebook as yourself anytime – just click Account and select your name.

Featured Pages

You can feature specific Page admins in the "Page Owners" section of your Page. To feature admins:

  1. Click the "Edit Page" button in the top-right corner of your Page.
  2. Select "Featured" from the left column menu.
  3. Click on the "Add Featured Page Owners" button, and select admins to feature.

Featured Admins

Your Page can "like" other Pages, and those will be shown on the left side of your Page. To feature Pages:

  1. Click the "Edit Page" button in the top-right corner of your Page.
  2. Select "Featured" from the left column menu.
  3. Click on the "Add Featured Pages" button.
  4. Click "Add Featured Likes."
  5. Choose Pages you’d like to feature. Note: you need to be connected to Pages from your personal profile in order to feature them on the Page you admin.
  6. Click "Save."

Featured likes will rotate on the left of your Page

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