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I had the opportunity to attend the Facebook Developers conference otherwise know as F8.  It really is for internet geeks then for the general population but the presentation really was easy for anyone to follow along.
As a website developer and Advanced Online Marketing consultant I am thrilled to see all the enhancements and new features Facebook has to offer.
Many will be rolled out within the next couple of weeks.

Here is a SNEAK Peek at the new Facebook Timeline http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline

A musicians example of their Timeline

New Facebook annual reports  (Timeline of the whole year) are the scrapbooks of the 21st century.

In Timelines all the user’s stories appear in the bottom left hand side of the page, much like their existing Wall.  On the right, there’s a timeline that beaks down all posts from various points.  And there will be a large ‘cover photo’ at the top of the page.  It reminds me of a Website page for you personally.  I really like the new look.  It also is very easy to use.

Timeline is also already available for mobile devices as well.

You will also be able to to click on a Year and scroll down that year.  Years will be broken down by months.
Timeline will be able to have a posted map built by Bing, a result from the partnership between Facebook and Microsoft.
Open Graphs – Many companies are creating new apps to be able to share in REAL TIME on Facebook.
Examples of some companies Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, and many more now that open graph will allow so many more companies to build apps that integrate with Facebook.

The ticker will be more real time activity so you know immediately that your friend is watch a movie, or listen to a song you love too.
The ticker also can be more rapid updates that don’t clog up the newsfeed of your friends unless you want that post to show up in the newsfeed.

One example is to be able to listen to music that a friend is listening to in REAL TIME right on Facebook.

Another app that will be available is you can “like” a song and it will move the song further up in the song that will be played next.

Creating a playlist that you can share and collaborate with friends.

Watching a moving on Netflix, well your Facebook friends would see that in your ticker and then they can say hey I want to watch that too and can watch it right on Facebook.

Learning a new recipe and being able to cook together with a friend virtually.

Read a book and share.

Facebook just kicked social TV into high gear!!!!

There have been many other enhancements rolled out such as Tickers, Revised Friend Lists, and several many other tweeks.

Virtual Business Solutions will be offering some FREE webinars that will walk you through the “How-To’s” to all these great enhancements and new features.
We will announce on our Facebook Page http://www.Facebook.com/VirtualBusinessSolutions when we will be offering them so please “Like” our page to be able to participate.

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